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Focus your analysis of the article around 2 or 3 core theories or core concepts to explain the situation described in the article.


These instructions and guidelines extend information provided in the course outline and Course Overview Video. Please consult these sources as well if you have not already done so. 


Focus your analysis of the article around 2 or 3 core theories or core concepts to explain the situation described in the article. For the purpose of this assignment, more concepts/theories risks the analysis becoming a list of terms rather than the persuasive, informed explanation it needs to be. At the same time, only 1 concept/theory won't reflect the complexity of events or situations in the article and won’t allow you to show the breadth of your knowledge

Choose concepts/theories from course material we have covered in the course so far. For example, for Assignment #1 do not apply content from Chapter 11 on Leadership because we haven’t covered that yet

Define your terms, being specific and accurate. To show your best knowledge, where possible briefly frame terms within the larger topic or theory they fall under. EXAMPLE: “I will analyze this article using job satisfaction, which is one of many work attitudes. As defined in the text, attitudes are __________. As defined in lecture, job satisfaction in particular is defined as ________” . See suggested structure at end of this document.

Apply knowledge by directly linking it to the article, ensuring that the relevance of your chosen concepts or theories is clear. EXAMPLE: “As we see in the article, there is evidence of the three key components of attitudes. For example, employees showed _____. We also see that job satisfaction is relevant or at play here because_________.”

Sometimes, there might not be direct evidence provided in the article to support your point or argument. In such cases, feel free to make assumptions or speculate (this is also showing Insight on your part), but make sure that you let the reader know that you are making an assumption or speculating. EXAMPLE: “The article doesn’t directly state or say this, but I think it’s reasonable to assume that ______.” OR  “It’s not entirely clear from the article, but it seems likely that ________.” 

Avoid unsupported, general statements or opinions. EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO WRITE WITHOUT EVIDENCE OR SUPPORT: “Everyone knows that extroverts are better employees than introverts.” But you might say instead, “According to the article, extroverts are better employees than introverts. They cite a variety of evidence to support this claim, such as ______. This evidence seems pretty convincing, and the text also outlines some of the strengths of extroverts at work.” 



Offer insights and grounded speculation where possible, along with implications or significance. Taking the extroverted employees example (above) a step further, you might say: “I wonder, though, if some cultures or racialized identities might tend to have fewer extroverts because of socialization norms or values important to them. For instance, I am from _______ background and we learned growing up that being quieter and not drawing attention to yourself was a sign of respect to others. If this is true, then job applicants from these cultures might be disadvantaged in selection and hiring. Organizations could watch out for this, ensuring that introverts aren’t overlooked in hiring but then train and guide new employees to make sure they are expressive and demonstrative enough to meet the requirements of the job and complete tasks effectively.”                  


imagine you are talking to me (I am your target  audience) and you want to explain how your article illustrates core concepts and knowledge from course material

In this conversational tone, 'active voice' (ie, using "I") is fine and actually better than passive voice given that it's meant to be informal but informed explanation (FYI, most social science academic writing now calls for active voice)

No References or Works Cited section is needed at the end. 

If you provide a direct quotation from the article, make sure you use quotation marks and provide a page number. EXAMPLE: “According to the article, “Electric vehicles (EVs) are the wave of the future and we better start investing in EV capacity now with community and individual charging stations (p. 4.).” Put the page number in brackets at the end of the quoted sentence and within the quotation marks. This is a key way of avoiding plagiarism.    

In terms of formatting, the document should be 3 pages long, typed, double-spaced with 12 point font and 1” margins in Word format (see course outline).


you can use any electronic news or magazine article that describes a contemporary event or situation. Alternately, you can use the Structured Racism video or the Economist podcast on race in organizations if you wish (see course outline, January 28).  

All OB Around Us Analysis assignments will follow this approach and will be evaluated using the same criteria provided in the Evaluation Form posted on NEXUS. 

If you are on Plan A, Assignment #2 should be based on course material covered since Assignment #1. The feedback you receive from #1 will provide guidance for #2 (and why #2 weighs a bit more than #1)


When submitting, make sure to attach an electronic copy or URL (web link) of the original article



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