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Six Sigma Green Belt assignment help required. Out of two uploaded file, need answer for any one of




First Wealth Bank outsourced its customer interactive services operations to Customer Calling Services (CCS) about 5 years ago. First Wealth Bank guaranteed a minimum volume of 300,000 calls per year at a rate of $4.50 USD. Over the last two years, the service performance of CCS has deteriorated to such an extent that First Wealth Bank is considering canceling the contract. CCS has been collecting data on the duration of the representatives' availability to answer the calls and the hold time. The data for the last few months is shown in Table 1. The performance measures that were of interest to First Wealth Bank were:

1. Provide first-call resolution to at least 75% of calls

2. Resolve a minimum of 90% of inquiries within 5 days

Furthermore, First Wealth Bank was monitoring the data on the number of people who were unable to get answers from CCS.

The Quality Assurance (QA) department conducts regular inspections of recorded conversations between the callers and representatives. A rating based on a scale of 1–5 is assigned to the calls based on friendliness, accuracy, and suitable advice given to the callers. The table below shows the description of ratings:



It has been observed that the quality check results of the two QA analysts, John and Miranda, vary sometimes. Therefore, data for 20 voice recordings were



collected to verify the repeatability and reproducibility of QA activities. Table 2 shows the results of their assessments for each voice recording.

A couple of other problems with CCS are their inability to hold on to the experienced workforce and the time it takes to hire experienced individuals. CCS decides to hire an expert in Six Sigma methodology to help them improve the call center operations and improve the performance to a level that is acceptable to the client. CCS also wants to ensure that the Average Handle Time (AHT) is maintained during the course of this project. CCS has 6–8 months to turn around the performance of the company or potentially lose the contract.



Data Tables


Table 1





Table 2






Voice Sample Master Appraiser John Trial 1 John Trial 2 Miranda Trial 1 Miranda Tria

1 3 3 2 3

2 2 2 2 2

3 2 2 2 2

4 4 4 3 4

5 2 1 1

6 5 5 4

7 4 4 4

8 3 3

9 3 3

10 4 4

11 2 2

12 3

13 5

14 2







Read the case study and then answer the following questions. Exercise 1

Process capability indices


Using the data given in Table 1, determine the process capability indices for the performance metrics. Based on the available data, provide the appropriate interpretation for the process capability indices.

A. ‘First Call Resolution’. The specification limits for the FCR are LSL = 75% and USL = 100%.

B. ‘5 Day Resolution’. The specification limits for the 5DR are LSL = 90% and USL = 100%.

Exercise 2


A. What kind of data is shown in Table 2? Which method would you use for measurement system analysis (MSA) to verify the repeatability and reproducibility of QA results? Conduct the appropriate MSA.

B. Determine the potential causes of why CCS fails to meet First Call Resolution targets consistently.

C. Brainstorm and propose solutions for the elimination of causes of failure to meet FCR targets.

Exercise 3 FMEA

Identify potential failure modes and their effects for the solutions proposed in Exercise 2 using learning on FMEA.



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