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Project Management

This Project Assignment addresses program and course-level student learning outcomes (SLO) and consists of four distinct components.


Final Project

Project Overview

This Project Assignment addresses program and course-level student learning outcomes (SLO) and consists of four distinct components. The primary component, for which the assignment is named, is the online Video Presentation of your project using Jing for creation and Screencast for delivery. The secondary component consists of three written elements, one page each, including the Project Brief, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and GANTT Chart. Your WBS and GANTT chart should be part of your presentation.

Your project will be your own original creation based on the scenario provided below and adhering to the guidelines specified.


ThUnder Construction, the relatively small commercial construction company for whom you work, has just received a Request for Proposal (RFP) notice from a local, rural school district for the construction of a new instructional shop building on their campus. Much to your delight, the company owner has considered your requests to be given to opportunity to prove yourself in a leadership role within the organization and has finally agreed to assign you to the position of project manager for this potential contract. Your direct and immediate responsibility is to prepare a preliminary response to the school district's RFP on behalf of your company for initial consideration by the school board in their contractor selection process. The RFP calls for general information to be prepared and presented to the board in the form of a preliminary proposal at its next meeting scheduled for Friday, December, 8, 2107, for a company to be eligible to compete in the final round of proposal submissions. Companies deemed eligible by the board based on the quality and feasibility of the preliminary proposals will be invited to submit a final, detailed bid proposal for contract consideration. Despite the aggressive schedule of the project, ThUnder Construction would very much like to be selected to proceed in the competition and ultimately earn the district's contract for this project. For this to happen, you must successfully lead the company through the first, "qualifying" stage of the process by preparing and presenting a worthy preliminary proposal.

The Board's meeting time is limited, and they have therefore placed a five-minute time limit on each proposal presentation to ensure that all preliminary proposals can be entertained during their meeting. A concise set of supporting documentation is also required to accompany each proposal. The following design parameters have been provided by the district for purposes of developing a preliminary proposal with the expectation that additional detailed design criteria may be determined and negotiated following the announcement of a successful proposal.

  • Purpose: Instructional facility to house Industrial/Mechanical classrooms and shop.

  • Structure: Steel-frame, open-span construction with framed classrooms and other rooms contained within, two external personnel doors, two 12' x 12' overhead doors. Structure to be thermally insulated and climate controlled.

  • Contents: Two ~750 sq. ft. classrooms, three ~100 sq. ft. faculty offices, two ~100 sq. ft. restrooms (ladies & mens), two ~150 sq. ft. secure storage rooms, ~6800 sq. ft. open shop space.

  • Location/Orientation: Structure will be erected as an independent structure adjacent to existing facility and connected via an enclosed breezeway, approximately 10' wide by 50' long (to be included in project).

  • Time Frame: Physical construction may commence on June 1 and the facility must be ready to occupy by November 30 in order to be placed in service for the second half of the academic year beginning in January. (You have a six-month construction window.)

The RFP (this assignment) requires the presentation/submission of the following deliverable:

  • 5-minute Presentation

  • Project Brief (Brief, 1-page narrative description of proposal.)

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) identifying and describing primary elements of the project. (1-page) 

  • GANTT Chart showing work schedule and critical path. 

Project Guidelines/Requirements

The Scenario above provides you with a general framework on which you are expected to build in formulating your preliminary proposal. Beyond this, creative license is extended to you to expand on any specific details you may need to generate regarding the nature and scope of your proposal.

Use the free Web 2.0 application, Jing, to create your Video Presentation for the school board. Jing allows screen recordings of up to five minutes in length. Your presentation must be between four and five minutes in length.

Produced videos should be saved to the free video server, Screencast, which is integrated with Jing. (A free account with Screencast will need to be created to complete upload.) You will then be able to share the URL for your Screencast video presentation with me in the folder comments.

The other three required components are the Project Brief, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and GANTT Chart. The brief must be between 3/4 and 1 page in length. The WBS will be in a separate file, and the GANTT Chart will be in its native file format.

Assessment Rubric Elements

  • Presentation - The major requirements and corresponding responses to the RFP are clearly, concisely, and appropriately addressed.

  • Proposal Brief - Key points of the initiative are well articulated within the required parameters of the required Project Brief. Meets length requirement.

  • Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) - The primary elements of the project and clearly and concisely identified and described.

  • GANTT Chart - An appropriate GANTT Chart including the critical path is provided for the project.

  • Coherent Organization - The content of the presentation and supporting materials are organized in a logical, coherent fashion.

  • Clear and Concise Delivery - The verbal delivery of the content in presented effectively, in a professional manner, and with positive tone.

  • Appropriate use of Technology - An appropriate presentation platform and any other necessary supporting technology is selected, integrated, and utilized for presentation delivery with Jing.

  • Effective use of Time - Presentation is organized to fit and flow appropriately within the allotted time.

  • Duration - Presentation duration is within the required four to five minutes.

Completion & Posting

  • Finalize the production of your Video Presentation Project and submit your Screencast link in the designated folder comments, along with the other documents.

Miscellaneous Information

Read the free eBook ProjectMinds Quick Guide to Project Management, by Manjeet Singh, provided in Doc Sharing (also available from www.projectminds.com). This reference will provide you a good understanding of Work Breakdown Schedules, GANTT Charts, and other graphical models and tools used in Project Management.

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