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This unit focuses on the importance of effective workforce planning


5HR02 – Talent management and workforce planning 

This unit focuses on the importance of effective workforce planning. It focuses on how proper preparation can have a huge impact when developing diverse talent pools, and contracting your workforce. 

It also looks at how poorly managed planning can affect an organisation, and discuss the tools and interventions that might mitigate this risk. 


CIPD’s insight factsheets

Resource and talent planning fact sheet

This factsheet considers the changing context of ‘talent’ and ‘talent management’ and the benefits to organisations they provide. It outlines the features of a talent management strategy, including how it can align with corporate strategy, inclusive versus exclusive approaches, involving the right people and the talent management loop.

The report can be accessed at:


CIPD Factsheet – https://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/strategy/resourcing/talent-factsheet#gref


Employee turnover and retention fact sheet


This factsheet reviews turnover patterns in the UK and identifies when turnover can be problematic. It outlines the methods that can be used by organisations to measure turnover, as well as the cost of losing employees.  The factsheet also examines why people leave organisations and recommends practices to improve staff retention, such as flexibility, fair treatment and employee wellbeing.


The report can be accessed at:


CIPD factsheet -   https://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/strategy/resourcing#gref


CIPD Reports:


Good Work Index 2020


This report provides an overview of measures used to analyse quality of work across different occupations, industries and groups of people.  It focuses on pay and benefits, employment contracts, work-life balance, job design and the nature of work, relationships at work, employee voice and health and wellbeing.


The report can be accessed at:


CIPD Report: https://www.cipd.co.uk/Images/good-work-index-summary-report-2020-1_tcm18-79211.pdf


CIPD Podcasts:


From surviving to thriving:  key changes facing people practice in 2020


This podcast by CIPD discusses how employees work and the work-life balance. It examines how prepared organisations are when it comes to making changes that contribute towards a braver, fairer and more equal workplace.


The podcast can be accessed at:


CIPD podcast:  https://www.cipd.co.uk/podcasts/surviving-to-thriving-2021


Case study


You are a member of the people practice team within OcMara Industries. You have been asked to help the team understand labour market trends and the impact the changing labour market has on resourcing decisions.  OcMara is a global organisation based in Japan that produces 2 billion barrels of crude oil per year. The main organisation headquarters are situated in Tokyo, and the company has 15 other offices located in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, USA, China, Germany and the UK. 


To become more competitive in the global energy sector, OcMara is moving into more sustainable energy sources. The organisation is looking to develop more environmentally friendly production processes, and therefore needs to reconsider its resource and talent planning needs.


The main objective of sustainability is to reduce environmental impact in ways that are sustainable for the earth and for the person. 


The oil and gas industry is making progress on becoming more sustainable, through the use of new technologies that will cut costs and ultimate bring down their carbon footprint.


OcMara currently have two main people practice objectives:


The first is to recruit staff who have the capabilities and skills to help OcMara move into these new areas of business.

The second is to retain existing staff who are being poached by competitors.


Preparation for Tasks:


Plan your assessment work with your assessor at the start of the assignment. Where appropriate, agree milestones so they can help you monitor your progress.

Refer to the indicative content in the unit guide and support your evidence.

Pay attention to how your evidence is presented. Remember you are working in the people development team for this task.

Ensure that the evidence generated for this assessment remains your own work.


You will also benefit from:


Acting on formative feedback from your assessor

Reflecting on your own experiences of learning opportunities, training and continuing professional development

Taking advantage of the CIPD Factsheets, Reports and Podcasts, and any other online material on these topics.


Task 1 – Poster presentation (strategic positioning and labour market)


The manager of the people practice team is looking to learn more about the labour market. They have asked you to prepare a poster presentation for the forthcoming monthly team briefing. Your manager wants you to research the labour market trends, focussing on the best practices of an organisation named “SAP” who won the Employer Brand Management Awards in 2019 in five different categories. 

You will also need to carry out your own research into the changing labour market conditions across the UK and what different energy companies are doing to retain staff.  The following links may help you:






The poster presentation must include:


An explanation of how “SAP” strategically positions itself in the competitive market place. Focus on the characteristics of employer of choice, employer branding and organisational image, and how these can be applied to OcMara. (AC1.1).

An explanation of the changing labour market conditions and its impact in the UK. Make sure to discuss the differences between tight and loose labour market trends, focussing specifically on the energy sector. Your explanation should also include the decisions energy companies are taking in relation to retention strategies, recruitment methods and skill shortages in this sector caused by recent global crisis (AC1.2).



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