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What are the characteristics of retail clothing consumers?


Founded in 1967 in Scottsdale, Arizona the Marty’s chain operated 113 department stores across a dozen southwestern states.  By locating stores in strip malls in small to medium sized cities, Marty’s has been able to avoid direct competition with larger retailers located in regional shopping centers.   Situated in a university city with a population of 43,000, including 15,000 students, the local Marty’s store was a pleasant exception for a company accustomed to lower growth and higher costs.  Despite offering the same broad range of goods commonly found in department stores, a family clothing line comprised several national and a private-label brands accounted for more than half of the store’s sales revenue and profit.  As the general manager of the local store, Bethany Tate was apprehensive about recent lackluster sales.  The problem, she believed, was competition for Naples Clothing Company, a specialty clothing retailer that sold its own line of popular casual clothing in 524 stores nationwide.   Naples’s strategy of offering a broad selection of reasonably priced private label clothing in ‘no frills’ stores was honed in medium sized cities with populations greater than 500,000.  However, the goal of opening 80 new stores a year eventually forced Naples to expand into smaller cities and made competition with small town retailers like Marty’s inevitable.  In anticipation of increased competition from the new Naples Clothing Store, Tate identified the following research questions while preparing a request for proposal (RFP) for marketing research:


1. What are the characteristics of retail clothing consumers?


2. What are the brand images of Marty’s Department Store and the Naples Clothing Company?


3. Should Marty’s segment the retail clothing market based on whether retail shopping behavior?  If behavioral segmentation makes sense, which market segments should Marty’s target to increase sales and profit?


4. How should Marty’s be positioned to appeal to targeted segments of retail clothing consumers and defeat the competition from Naples?


A survey designed to gather primary data on the local retail clothing market was administered to randomly selected clusters of residential households and university dormitories using two-stage area sampling.  Four hundred and fifty (450) usable questionnaires were returned by eligible participants within six weeks.  The retail clothing questionnaire and SPSS data file Martys.SPSS.Fall2022.Segment.sav are posted to eClass for download.


Marketing Research Report


Analyze the Marty’s data set and recommend a marketing strategy that will enable the company to respond to the competitive threat posed by the Naples Clothing Company.  

Organize the Marketing Research Report according to the following headings:



I. Title Page


II. Tables of Contents


III. Executive Summary


IV. Decision Problem and Research Problem


III. Data Analysis

i)    Descriptive Analysis

ii)   Testing for Differences

iii)  Testing for Association


IV. Conclusions and Recommendations

i) Consumer Characteristics, Attitudes and Behaviors

ii) Target Marketing Strategy

iii) Positioning Strategy


V. Appendix

i) Precision of Estimate (H) for the DV Clothing Spending

    (@ 95% confidence) 



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