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When conducting the analysis you will apply techniques from descriptive analytics visualisations probabilities and confidence interval calculation


Assignment instructions

The assignment consists of three parts:

Part 1: Data Analysis

When conducting the analysis, you will apply techniques from descriptive analytics, visualisations, probabilities, and confidence interval calculation. Hence, you will use various tables, graphs, and summary measures. When exploring data, we often produce more results than we eventually use in the final report, but by investigating the data from different angles, we can develop a much better ‘feel’ for the data: a deeper understanding of the data.

 Always ensure that you consider relevant modelling assumptions such as considerations of the level of measurement of the variable, the method of sampling, the shape of the population distribution, and the sample size.

 The analysis section you submit should be on Q1 to Q4 sheets of the Excel file.

 Where possible, it is always useful to produce both numerical and graphical statistical summaries as sometimes, something is revealed in one that is not obvious in the other.

 Your analysis should be clearly labelled and grouped around each question.

 Poorly presented, unorganised analysis, or excessive output will be penalised.

Part 2: Email

You are required to reply by email, detailing,

1. your understanding about the contributions made by the different operating levels as per requirement 1 in part (a) above and any suggestions or recommendations that you may provide for improvements.

2. any comments that you are able to make on the differences in the overall proportion of stores in different states surveyed as per the requirement 2 in part (a) above.

You are allowed no more than 2 pages to cover your written conclusions. Please use the font size 11 (Arial), 1.5 line spacing and leave a margin of 2.54 cm.

Please consider the following dot points very carefully.

 Keep the English simple and the explanations succinct. Avoid the use of technical statistical jargon.

 Your reader will not necessarily understand complicated statistical terms, thus your task is to convert your analysis into plain, simple, easy to understand language.

 The email is to be written as a stand-alone document. Thus, you should not have any references in the email to your analysis, nor should you include any charts and tables in your email.

 Use an email format for your reply. That means the email heading (e.g. To: From: Subject :) should be included, the recipient should be addressed at the beginning and the signature or name of the sender should be included at the end.

 When composing your reply, make sure that you actually answer the questions asked.

 Do not copy the questions in the email.

 Sequentially number your answers in both your email and your analysis (1, 2 ...) to match the email.

 Include a simple introduction at the start of the email and a summary/conclusion at the end.

 Marks will be deducted for the use of technical terms, irrelevant material, poor presentation / organisation / formatting and emails that are over two pages long or copy questions in the email.

When you have completed the email, it is a useful exercise to leave it for a day, return to it and re-read it as if you knew nothing about the analysis.

 Does it flow easily?

 Does it make sense?

 Can someone without prior knowledge follow your written conclusions?

Often on re-reading, you become aware that you may have made some unclear points, and find that you can rephrase them much more clearly.

Part 3: Interactive Dashboard

The minimum requirement is a neat, functional, interactive dashboard. It is expected that the dashboard includes 4 or 5 interactive graphs/tables.

The Microsoft Excel file should contain a separate sheet for the interactive Dashboard.

The following questions will help guide you in designing an interactive dashboard.

 What are the most appropriate visualizations for the dashboard?

 What about the choice of color?

 How can I make the dashboard interactive?


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