What Are The Most Common And Effective Methods of Classification

methods of classification

The methods of classification allow scientists to make a group, identify, and name particular things. The things can be categorized in various aspects. Such as on the basis of their similarities, adaptations, development, and more. That is why students need to know the different classification methods.

If you do not have any idea regarding classifications and their methods, then no need to worry about it. I have listed not only the important method of classification. But also why these methods of classification are necessary.

Therefore, scroll down the page to know all the necessary information. Let’s begin with understanding what classification is.

What is classification?

Classification actually means arranging the massive data into various specialized categories. We do methods of classification on the basis of similarities of things.

The similar data are put into a single class and dissimilar data into different classes. [NOTE: Statistical data categorize as per the characteristics.

Let’s understand it with an example

Suppose you have university data about students getting admission in it each year. For this, you can categorize them on the basis of their gender as male and female.
Further, it can classify as per their ages, height, marital status, and more.

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Key point

The characteristic sets for data classification are always based on the study’s objective. Suppose you want to classify the students as per their religions, then you can do it simply.

Why do we need to study classification?

Classification helps to achieve the different objectives, like:

  • It is useful for dividing the massive data based on similarities that can enable comparison.
  • It offers the basis for analytics and tabulations of the data.
  • Classification make it is possible to represent the data in concise and tabular form.
  • The process of representing the raw data is possible using classification. It helps make conclusions.
  • Meaningful patterns and identification of characteristics in data are made using classification.

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What are the methods of classification?

There are two types of methods of classification, and these are:

According to Attributes

The attributes are the qualitative characteristics, and these are not expressed numerically. (Only the presence and absence of the attributes are possible to check.)

For instance: Religion, intelligence, caste, and others are attributes that can quantify easily. But the classification is done as per the attributes, and groups can differentiate by various qualities.

The difference can make as per some natural lines. As per these lines, you can know which particular thing is placed in which group.

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Now, the attribute classification is of two types:

Simple classification

In this, the data classifies as per the single attribution. Like in the above example, the students are categorized as per their gender (male and female).

Manifold classification

In this, the data classifies as per the different or more than one attribute. Like in the above example, the students are categorized as per their marital status and gender.

According to Variables

Variables mean quantifiable data characteristics that can be numerically expressed. Some of the following variables are age, weight, distance, wages, height, marks, and more. These variables define in terms of quantitative terms. As per the variables’ number, three categories of frequency distribution:

Univariate frequency distribution

This has a single type variable that is an independent variable or dependent variable. For instance, a category of the students of a particular class is made as per their marks obtained.

Bi-variate frequency distribution

There are two variables that are known as bi-variate frequency distribution. For instance, university students can be categorized on the basis of their gender and their age.

Multivariate frequency distribution

It has more than two or multiple variables for the frequency distribution. For instance, class students can classify as per their age, marks, and gender.

What are the practical methods of classification?

It includes the heuristic approach that is used to find good enough solutions. These solutions use to optimize problems, and these approaches are.

Neural Networks

The neural network handles issues with different parameters. And these can classify the objects when the objects’ distributed. The objects in N-dimension space are quite complex.
But its network is quite slow, particularly in the training phase.

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Decision Tree

It uses for problems like star-galaxy classification. In the axis-parallel method. The binary classification tree is constructed in a way where a single node is used to compare some constant.
In case the feature value is much higher than the threshold value, then the branch of the trees can consider.

Oblique Decision Tree

It overcomes the limitations of the axis-parallel tree methods. It has the concept of hyperplanes. Where the nodes are oriented in specific parameter space.
In terms of mathematics, it means the nodes have a linear combination. And the sum can compare with any constant value.


The methods of classification not only help the students identify. And classify the raw data but also helps scientists to categorize things. In contrast, with the help of classified information, the conclusions can draw effectively and easily.

Learn the above classification methods, and use them as per your need. If you still have any queries or doubts about methods of classification. Then let me know. I will help you to solve your query.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the method of classification mean?

The classification methods utilize the parameters or the features to categorize the objects. These features must be relevant to the task. Apart from this, the known object sets are known as training sets as they are used for classification programs.

Why is it important to do classification?

With the help of classification, it is possible to control the organizational process. Moreover, it saves your money and time. As it focuses on the important things without wasting time on unnecessary things.