Why Study Statistics | Top Most Reasons to Study Statistics?


Why study statistics? You might think of this question several times. Before answering this question, let me inform you of two important facts:

(a) It has been seen that more than 36 million U.S. adults can read upto a third-grade level.

(b) Almost 87% of American adults face mental illness.

Now, the question is, how do I know this? Well, this is because of statistics. Various agencies do surveys from time to time to collect the data. 

The collected data is being analyzed, and the results are calculated using the statistical concepts. Therefore, we can say that statistics play an important role in understanding and checking different things.

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This blog does not only provide the details about why study statistics but also provides various amazing statistics facts. After reading this, I promise you that you are going to fall in love with the statistics. So, let’s dive into the details.

First, let’s find out the answer to “why do you choose statistics”?

It has been seen that almost 21% of students hate maths, and 8% of 21% hate statistics. Now the question is not about why 8% of students hate statistics, but why do students choose statistics?

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The answer to the question of why 8% of students hate statistics is quite simple. The reasons can be like:

  • They find statistics a boring subject.
  • Most of the students find statistics concepts and formulas are quite complicated.
  • Some of them don’t take statistics seriously as they think it is of no use.
  • 1% of students think that this subject will not be used in the future.
  • A few students are unable to solve the complex statistical problems that lead to demotivation.

Now, the reasons to select statistics can be:

  • With the help of statistics, students can learn useful conceptual knowledge and tools. These tools help extract insights from a set of data.
  • As per the current scenario, it is not incorrect to say that statistics study will be the future of various branches. That is why students are taking admission in this subject study.
  • Statistics are used in the industry such as astrostatistics, business analytics, econometrics, and much more. Therefore, there are a number of job opportunities after studying statistics.
  • Most of the students love to analyze big data to get valuable insights that can help society in the long run.
  • Statistics help students explore an amount of data by which they can develop various interesting facts and figures.
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Okay, but do you have any idea regarding “what do you learn in statistics”?

Well, statistics is a vast subject, and it consists of various useful concepts. But, before moving to the reasons why study statistics, let’s take a look at what you are going to learn in statistics. 

There are some of the topics that each statistics student studies during their academics. These topics are:

Graphical displays: Histograms, scatterplots, stemplots, box plots.
Numerical summaries: Mean, quantiles, standard deviation, median, variance.
Normal distribution: Normal probability plots and assessing normality.
Categorical data: Bar graphs, two-way tables, and segmented bar graphs.

Apart from this, students get the knowledge about the topics like:

Analyzing categorical data.Summarize quantitative data.Explore bivariate numerical data.Probability.Course summary.Display and compare quantitative data.Data modeling distributions.Study design.

Now, let’s check out the interesting reasons why study statistics!!!

Before jumping to the reasons, take a look at what people say about statistics.

Now, the reasons for why study statistics are

Statistics help in producing accurate research results.

During the research, scientists came up with multiple test results. Therefore, it became quite complicated to understand which result was taken to be TRUE.

Here, statistics play an important role. Without statistics, it is not possible to make accurate decisions depending on the data collection.

Moreover, statistics have various useful tools that help in making effective decisions. Using statistical tools, it is possible to get the TRUE value of the experiment.

NOTE: Here, the concept of inferential statistics and probability is used to make accurate research decisions.

Statistics help in reading journals.

You might have noticed that most of the journals have some sort of statistics. These statistics in the journals are known as the “result section.” Therefore, this is the reason why study statistics because without its knowledge, the information of the result section is meaningless for you.

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With the help of basic statistics knowledge, you can easily improve fundamental skills. These skills are required to read and evaluate the journals’ result section.

NOTE: To improve the understanding of the journal’s statistics, you need to work on your fundamental skills to evaluate the researched data with ease.

Statistics is useful for developing analytic and critical thinking skills.

Those students, who are studying at their high school and graduating, need to develop their analytical and statistical skill. Moreover, there are several courses that need critical thinking skills.

Therefore, students can improve their analytical as well as critical thinking skills using statistics. Statistics has a wide variety of concepts like mean, median, mode, and so on. These concepts help in analyzing and understanding the population data. By which the analytical thinking can be improved.

NOTE: If you want to perform well in statistics, you should develop logical thinking skills at both a creative and high level.

Statistics help in becoming an informed consumer.

Just as other tools, statistics tools also be misused or used positively. Yes, you read it right. Some people so survey and report the result in the opposite of the actual result. This is how statistical data is misused.

Therefore, it is necessary that you must know the statistics so that you can find which is the misleading report. If you know the accuracy of the survey reports, it helps you act to be an informed consumer.

NOTE: Some statistical concepts’ knowledge helps you evaluate the useful insights and information from the given datasets.

Statistics help you to know when to hire a statistician.

Many of us know when to take the cars to the shop for maintenance. And when we take the car to the mechanic, there we have conversions and commend them for repairing the damages. But wait, do you think the same about hiring the statistician?

Yes, It is as simple as hiring a mechanic.

Well, do you know that a statistician can help you to plan your expenses? Moreover, they can help in managing your unnecessary spending. Your expenses can be handled by analyzing the statistical data of a few previous years.

NOTE: It is necessary that statisticians must have enough knowledge of how to study statistical data. Or we can say that the statistician must work on the right track.

Also Read

Got the reasons for why study statistics? Let’s check interesting statistical facts.

3.48 billion people are on social media.The United States has received more than 1,100 gold medals from the Olympic Games.
More than half a million Americans experience homelessness a night.The drivers of America cover almost 2.6 trillion miles annually.
One in seven Americans gets food from any of the food banks.Almost 12,000 annual injuries in the U.S. are caused because of TVs falling.
The global rate to wash hands after toilet use is less than 20 percent.Americans eat 4.2 billion avocados annually.
One-third of world adults are still sleeping with any kind of comfort object like soft toys.Five nations make up 60% of the worldwide military.
Brain Booster:
Where to get the best and accurate statistical data about different things?
There are several websites on which you can check the statistical data regarding different things. But, I have listed the top websites to get accurate and instant statistical data.
These websites are:
WorldometersOurworldindataStatistaGoogle trendsTIOBE


From the above discussion, you are able to get the answer to why study statistics. But, if you are still unable to find useful reasons to study statistics, comment in the below section.

Moreover, if you need more interesting statistical facts, please let me know through your comments. I can provide you tons of statistical facts. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact as for any help related to statistics. Learn more about statistics from our statistics assignment experts.

“Keep reading interesting statistical facts from Statanalytica.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is statistics important in everyday life?

Statistics deal with the collection and examination of data. It uses to calculate probabilities, keep records, and provide knowledge. Moreover, it helps in understanding the world in a better way using numbers and quantitative information.

Where do we see statistics in real life?

Statistics can use in real life:

Weather Forecasts. 
Medical Study.
Stock Market.
Quality Testing. 
Consumer Goods.

What jobs use statistics?

The following are the field of statistic that use statistical concepts:

Financial analyst.
Market researcher.
Business analyst.
Database administrator.
Software engineer.
Cost estimator.

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