Top 7 Application Of Mathematics In Statistics You Need To Know


What is the application of mathematics in statistics? Wait!! Mathematics and statistics are not the same! Well, the answer is no. Mathematics and statistics are two different branches of studies. 

Like the measurement in mathematics is used for understanding the units and problems precision. This deals with different measures for example area, length, and breath. At the same time, in statistics, measurements are a bit different. 

If you want to measure the pace of life of a city; then it is not as simple as that it sounds. Rather than this, statisticians and researchers need to decide the excellent measure in various ways.

Now, the questions are “How is math used in statistics” and “What is the application of mathematics in statistics“? Well, I have explained all the questions in the below section. Scroll down the page to get the answers.

Key Point

What is the difference between mathematics and statistics?

As I have mentioned above, there is a difference between mathematics and statistics; therefore, you must know the major differences. Below are some of the differences; so let’s find out.


The input and the result are independent of context.
Particular attributes are necessary for mathematics measurements (for example length, height, and all).
The important terms used in mathematics are addition, subtraction, and more.

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The result depends on the input of context provided by the user.
The challenging attributes used for measurement are the pace of life, attitude, and more.
The significant terms used in statistics are accuracy, regression, and more.

How is math used in statistics?

Statistics use different mathematical principles for collecting, analyzing, and representing the data. Statisticians use their statistics and mathematics conceptual knowledge for designing surveys and experiments.

Moreover, math is used in statistics for solving challenging problems. These problems are like bias, sample, frequency distribution, and more. But, the question is, “What are the concepts of mathematics used in statistics?

The answer is that the most important mathematics concepts are Trigonometry, Linear Algebra. Additionally, Theory of Analysis, College Algebra. Besides these, Calculus I, II, and III, Ordinary Differential Equations are useful.

Using these concepts, it is quite simple and easy to solve the statistics problems. Now, let’s understand where you can apply the mathematical concepts in statistics. Or what is the application of mathematics in statistics.

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Top 7 application of mathematics in statistics you need to know

Biological Research

This application of mathematics in statistics is useful for modeling and analyzing things. These things are analyzed from a small population in orchards to large biosystems. However, these models use for establishing information. Moreover, It is regarding how invasive species or diseases spread around the area. Moreover, how different brain areas perform different functions, and much more.

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Genetics Research

In genetics research, it is used for getting information about the DNA and others. It is done by studying the function and replications of DNA modeling.

Medical Research

Medical research is the application of mathematics in statistics. It uses for the study of diseases and treatments. For example, determine the new treatments’ effectiveness. But in the case of research in medicine, the use of mathematics goes further. In short, the model is used to study the organs’ performance. And how diseases for example cancer or others can heal.

Environment and climate

The mathematicians use different tools such as differential equations for modeling phenomena. It uses for studying the movements of the atmosphere or oceans, and more. On the other hand, mathematics in statistics is useful for understanding things. Using this, the correct predictions regarding glacial movements, tsunamis, and more are made.

Social Science

Mathematical concepts, for example the use of geometry, algebra, and structural design, are used in statistics for social science. Moreover, statistics are useful for studying potential election cases, suggesting different election methods. Additionally, crime-solving, evidence of human rights abuses, and more. Mathematical concepts in statistics enable statisticians to solve the theories of social science.

Finance and Economics

The application of mathematics in statistics is beneficial for understanding the pricing of stocks, derivative securities. In addition to this, complex financial systems, or economies. In economics, mathematics allows us to make decisions & understand Game theory. Risk Managers also use statistical techniques with mathematics concepts to study pension and insurance schemes.

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Computer Science

The statistics methods help in analyzing and compressing the images. Moreover, it helps in enhancing speech recognition capabilities. In robotics, statistics and mathematics techniques help to work the robots independently. Further, it helps in navigating and decision making.

Bonus point

What are the other fields where both mathematics and statistics are applied?

There are several fields where you can apply mathematics as well as statistics. Some of the major fields are list below:
Research institutes and academic institutes.

  • Analytics and forecasting organizations.
  • Communications services providers.
  • Consumer products companies.
  • Computer and Electronics manufacturers.
  • Investment management firms and financial services.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Petroleum-based products and Producers of petroleum.
  • Aerospace and transportation manufacturers or service providers.
  • Chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Computer information and IT firms.
  • Energy systems firms.
  • Engineering research organizations.
  • Research offices, Government labs, and research agencies.
  • Medical device companies.


From the above discussion, it is clear that there are countless application of mathematics in statistics. Sometimes, people have the confusion with the terms mathematics and statistics; that is why I have given their differences also. 

Check the differences given above and remember them. If you still have any doubt, let us know through your comments, and we will definitely help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to learn statistics?

With the help of statistics knowledge, you can understand data collection methods, analyze methods, and representation of data. Moreover, statistics play an important role in making discoveries in science, predictions, and decisions.

What is the application of mathematics in school?

Mathematics helps in enhancing mental rigor and logical reasoning. Moreover, mathematical knowledge is also important for understanding the contents of different school subjects like social studies, science, and even music & art.

What kind of math do economists use?

Calculus is considered the most used math in economics. Calculus consists of several formulas for calculating functions, limits, and derivatives.

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