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What is Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics?

Descriptive Statistics

It is the way to summarize and interpret the collected data in the numerical or graphical form. Descriptive Statistics requires two types of statistical ideas. First is a measure of spread also called graphical summary.

The graphical summary uses graphical representation to analyze data. Second is the measure of central tendency also called numerical summary. In the case of the numerical summary, mean, median, the model is used to analyze the given data.

Four Types of descriptive statistics, that our statistics assignment experts are provided to the needy students. Such as:

  • Frequency Measurement
  • Central Tendency Measurement
  • The dispersion or Variation Measurement
  • Position Measurement
  • Inferential Statistics
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It is the study conducted for inferring or equating our data with the general conditions. So, this shows the difference between inferential statistics and descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics is used in the broader area of statistical study.

Hence, the method used in inferential statistics is the sample, testing of hypothesis, principal component analysis, and regression. Explaining it further with an example: If you need to calculate the marks of 150 students of a class, knowledge of Descriptive statistics can be applied but on the other hand if you want to calculate the marks of entire students of Australia, you need to apply the knowledge of Inferential statistics in which a correct sample from a particular population is drawn to get the result.

The most important and primary part of the statistic is Data collection because it is a main and functional function of overall statistic analysis.

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