Visual Studio Vs Visual Studio Code | The Difference You Need to Know


Are you confused between the Visual Studio Vs. Visual Studio Code? Do you want to know the difference and the scope of both tools? If yes, that’s great. You are in the correct place.

Well, you are not the one who is confused about Visual Studio Vs. Visual Studio Code. Many people do not know the difference and similarities between both. If you are thinking of making your career in one of both tools, this blog will help you. Thus, in this blog, I will mention Visual Studio Vs. Visual Studio Code and give you some additional knowledge about it.

Let’s start discussing with the overview of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

What is Visual Studio?

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is launched by Microsoft. It has the capability of producing both managed code and native code. This is utilized to develop websites, web services, computer programs, and mobile apps. Apart from this, Visual Studio software uses the Microsoft development platform, like Window Forms, Window Store, Window API, Window Presentation Foundation, Microsoft Silverlight.

Some Tremendous Features of Visual Studio

Code Editor

Like other IDE, Visual Studio involves a code editor, which is useful for code completion and syntax highlighting with the help of IntelliSense used for functions, loops, variables, methods, and LINQ queries. Additionally, it supports bookmark settings within the code that helps in quick navigation. 


It allows breakpoint setting (which means you can stop execution wherever you want) and watches (to monitor the value of variables). The debugger supports Continue and Edit, which means if you put a mouse pointer to a variable, it will display the current value in a tooltip, and then you can modify it.

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Several designing tools help the user in the development of the applications, and the tools are: Windows Forms Designer (for developing GUI applications), WPF Designer (creates XAML code for the UI), Web development/designer (used for creating ASP.NET applications), Class designer (useful for creating class diagrams for classes)Data designer

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is one of the free source code editors used for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Several features are supported by Visual Studio Code, such as syntax highlighting, snippets, embedded Git, intelligent code completion, and code refactoring. The users have the option to change the keyboard shortcuts, themes, preferences. Moreover, the user can add extensions to enhance its functionality. The Visual Studio Code was released on the VSCode repositor of GitHub. 

Some Tremendous Features of Visual Studio Code

Language support

Visual Studio Code supports bracket matching, configurable snippets, syntax highlighting, code floating. It also works with IntelliSense for TypeScript, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and HTML. Moreover, it provides debugging support for Node.js.

Data collection

It functions to collect the information and transfer it to Microsoft (and Microsoft-controlled subsidiaries and affiliates). All the collected codes are available to the public as it is an open-source application.

Version Control

Visual Studio Code has dedicated tabs in the main menu bar where you can access various studio version control settings to check what are the changes made in the current project. Additionally, it allows users to develop repositories and give pull and push requests directly from the program.

However, let’s discuss people’s interests in both tools and their popularity in google trends Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Vs. Visual Studio Code: Interests and Popularity Difference

Below is the comparison graph of People’s interest in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. On the other hand, the visual studio is in blue, and the visual studio code is in red.


As you can see, the search term for visual studio is unsteady right now, but it is at the top. On the other hand, visual studio code is slowly gaining some interest from people, but it is below the visual studio. As a result, visual studio is better than visual studio code in terms of google trends.

Popularity of Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

As you can see, the popularity of visual studio and visual studio code is based on stackshare.

Thus, from the picture, we can clearly see that Visual Studio Code is more popular. It is getting more than triple vote in comparison to Visual Studio. Similarly, the followers of Visual Studio Code are also more than Visual Studio. Thus, it is clear that Visual Studio Code is getting popular. 

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Okay! If you want to get the comparison of Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Code, then keep scrolling the page. Below, we have listed important details about both so that you can easily understand the basic difference between both. So, let’s check the difference of Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code that is available in tabular form.

Comparison Table: Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

Visual StudioVisual Studio Code
It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).It is a code editor where you can edit your codes.
It is a slow cross-platform as it processes slower.It is much faster as compared to Visual Studio.
Apart from the free editor, Visual Studio has a paid IDE.It is an absolutely free & open-source text editor.
It uses the best and advanced IntelliSense.It has the least IntelliSense.
It requires a large download size.It does not require a large download size as that of Visual Studio.
It requires a large space to work and install. It does not need a large space as it hardly needs 300MB RAM to run. 
Visual Studio is used for compiling the codes.In the Visual Studio Code, the compiling feature is not available.
If the user needs to work on multiple windows, then they must go with Visual Studio.Working on multiple windows is not possible with VS Code.
The user faces various difficulties with the setting and preferences of Visual Studio.It is quite easy to use preferences in VS Code as compared to that of VS.
It is used for .NET, C/C++ (Windows), C# projects along with database, SQL Server, etc.It shows off HTML / JavaScript support over C++/C. 

Additional Points Regarding Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio includes several tools to create dependent graphs. 
  • It has a WYSIWYG editor for C++.NET, VB.NET, and C#.
Visual Studio Code
  • VS Code has an individual integrated terminal.
  • To increase the efficiency of the Visual Studio Code, users need to install its package.

Top 3 Companies Who Use Visual Studio 

The table below represents the top 3 companies that use Visual Studio. On the other hand, we also mention their revenue.

Acrelec SAS100M-200MFrance
JOHN HOWELL1M-10MUnited States
The North Face, Inc.100M-200MUnited States

Top 3 Companies Who Use Visual Studio Code 

The table below represents the top 3 companies that use Visual Studio code. On the other hand, we also mention their revenue. 

California State University-Stanislaus100M-200MUnited States
Red Hat Inc>1000MUnited States
Blackfriars Group1M-10MUnited Kingdom

Which tools are integrated with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code?

Below are the top five tools that are integrated with Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code.

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Visual StudioVisual Studio Code
.Net Core
Azure DevOps
Azure Functions
Sauce Labs
GitHub.Net Core
Azure Functions

Is There Any Alternatives of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Yes, below are the top 4 alternatives of visual studio and visual studio code.

1. IntelliJ IDEA

Intellij Idea provides a comprehensive feature set that includes tools and integrations with the most important new technologies and frameworks for enterprise and web development with Java, Scala, Groovy, and other languages.

2. Eclipse

Standard Eclipse package befitted for Java and plug-in development plus adding new plug-ins; already includes Git, Marketplace Client, source code, and developer documentation.

3. CLion

CLion can take care of the routine when you focus on essential things. Boost your productivity with the keyboard-centric approach, full coding assistance, intelligent and relevant code completion, fast project navigation, smart intention actions, and reliable refactorings.

4. Visual Basic 

Visual Basic is derived from BASIC. It allows the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface (GUI) applications, access to databases using Data Access Objects, Remote Data Objects, or ActiveX Data Objects, and the creation of ActiveX controls and objects.

Job Vacancy trend For Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code  

Below is the trend graph of both tools showing job vacancies.

The above graph shows the job vacancies regarding Visual Studio that are permanent, contract and all types. Thus, according to the graph, it is seen that the different categories of jobs (Permanent, Contract and All) experienced heavy fall after reaching their highest point in 2013. 

This graph shows the job vacancies of Permanent, Contract and All types of Visual Studio Code. According to the graph, the trend for all kinds of job vacancies starts rising from May 2018. There are lots of fluctuations that occur till May 2021. But, the highest points of Permanent, Contract and All kinds of job vacancies are in May 2021, May 2020, and May 2021, 


Salary Trend For Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

The following graph shows the salary trend for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Thus, this graph shows the salary trend for Visual Studio in the UK. The median salary for Visual Studio remains intact till 2010. After that, it started to slightly increase and reached its highest point in 2020. But from that point, it starts decreasing insignificantly. 

This graph represents the salary trend for Visual Studio Code in the UK. The median salary for this tool has increased and reached its highest peak in September 2017. After this, it will heavily decline, and it starts fluctuating till December 2020. In January 2021, it was increased but could not reach its highest level, which was in September 2017. 

Is Visual Studio Code better than Visual Studio?

Deciding between Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code is not an easy task. It is because mainly programming languages in VS Code are quite close to an IDE. 

Let’s take an example; if your development method is test-driven, Visual Studio will be best. On the other side, for VS Code, there are 15 test-driven development extensions supporting Node.js, Go, .Net, and PHP. 

Similarly, Visual Studio does an excellent job working with databases, mainly Microsoft SQL Server and its relatives, but VS Code has lots of database extensions.

Visual Studio has excellent refactoring support, but Visual Studio Code performs the basic refactoring operations for different languages. 

Visual Studio doesn’t work on Linux, but VS Code does. In contrast, Visual Studio for Windows has a Linux/C++ workload and Azure support.

Thus, If you work on a development project for hours, then Visual Studio will be better. If you tend to work into development for short periods and switch between other tasks, then Visual Studio Code might make you happier.


Several users get confused when comparing Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code, but they have different features and functionalities. In the above section, we have listed the basic differences and their features so that you can easily understand what Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code actually is. Users can use any of these as per their convenience, but it would be better to use Visual Studio Code if you are looking for fast software. So, select any of this software and use it for suitable purposes.

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Is Visual Studio Best for coding?

Visual Studio Code, or VSC for short, is one of the most famous source code editors used by programmers. It is fast, lightweight, and powerful too. Microsoft created VSC as a cross-platform code editor for writing web and cloud applications.

Is VS Code an IDE?

Visual Studio Code is defined as a Source Code Editor and not an IDE.