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 WEKA Assignment Help

What is WEKA?

Weka is a prime software package that is used for data mining tasks. It is a collection of machine learning algorithms.

It contains numerous tools for data pre-processing, regression and correlation, data clustering, and data visualization. It can also be used for developing new machine learning schemes.

WEKA algorithm can be applied directly to a data set of the Java code. It is a user-friendly application.

It is intended for those who are familiar with data mining techniques and database analysis.

By using this software, users can view and analyze ARFF (Attribute-Relation File Format) data files. The analysis result can be stored either in ARFF or users can protect it as a JDBC database.

Features of Weka

  • Open Source: Weka is available as open source software which operates under the GNU platform.
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface): It has a Graphical User Interface. It allows you to complete your machine learning projects without programming.
  • CLI (Command Line Interface): It allows all features of this software to be used from Command Line Interface. CLI can be handy for scripting large jobs.
  • Java API: Java API is written in Java. It provides an Application Programming Interface. Java API is well properly documented and also promotes integration into your applications.
  • Documentation: Weka is suitable for there exist manuals, books, and MOOC courses. It impacts users with skills to use it effectively.

Subtopics of WEKA Assignment Help

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JRip Assignment Help

JRip stands for Joint Reserve Intelligence Program. It implements a propositional rule learner.

ZeroR Assignment Help

It is the simplest organization method which depends on the target and ignores all predictors.

NaiveBayes Assignment Help

It is a classification technique based on Bayes' Theorem. It is an assumption of independence among predictors.

Ridor Assignment Help

It generates a default rule first and then the exceptions for the default rule.

DBSCAN Assignment Help

It stands for Density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise.

Apriori Assignment Help

It is an algorithm for frequent itemset mining and association rule learning over transactional databases.

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