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C++ Programming

This project you are going to implement a solution for a min-cut problem


                                                    Thomas' Shops
In this project you are going to implement a solution for a min-cut problem.
Mr. Thomas Jr. had always been a successful manager of East&West Co. He set up his own
commerce network and has served the society with his many businesses in this network. However, he
has become an ill-tempered old man in his eighties now, and he can not compete against e-commerce.
Therefore, he decided to close down some shops in his network and make it disconnected so that
his imperial company becomes two split-ups: East Company and West Company. He does not want do
that, but he has to!
Find the minimum number of shops he should close down.
1. Shops are connected to each other by roads.
2. Two shops trade if and only if there is a road between them.
3. A shop in his network trade only with the shops in the network. Note that a shop does not
trade with itself.
4. His network is connected, ie. there is always a path from any shop to any other shop.
5. Mr. Tom was a perfectionist, he invested great deal of care to make roads between shops
equal to each other. A road is not wider than the other, or narrower, or better … ie. Tom's
network is unweighted.
6. If a shop is closed, all roads that pass through this shop get unavailable for trade. ie. These
roads are removed from the network too.
7. He wants to, therefore disconnect his network in two, by closing down the minimum
number of shops.
Write a program to find out the minimum number of shops.
In your implementation you will read one file which is formatted as:
1. The very first line has two variables separated by a space: numberOfShops and
numberOfRoads respectively. Those variables correspond to the number of shops and
number of roads contained in Thomas' commerce network.
2. After the first line, there will be lines in the count of numberOfRoads. Each line will
describe a road. For each those lines, you will have two shopID variables which are
separated by a space. Those shopIDs are for what shops this road connects.
3. Constraints for the variables are as follows:
numberOfShops is an integer in range [2, 1000]
numberOfRoads is an integer in range [1, 1000]
shopID is an integer in range [1,1000]
4. An example file named example.txt is given below. Its content is at the right hand side,
what network it depicts resides at the left hand side. It depicts a network with 6 shops and 7
roads within these shops.
6 7
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 2
4 6
6 5
5 3
5. The second line of example.txt defines a road between Shop 1 and Shop 2. You are
guaranteed not to encounter duplicate road definitions. ie. If “1 2” exists, then there will not
be “2 1” or “1 2” (again) through the end of the file.
6. There must always be trading shops in both East Co. and West Co. If it is not possible to
split Tom's network this way, print out 0.
7. Use proper algorithms.
8. In case of any need, you are only and only allowed to include from Standard Template
Library. Do not use external 3rd party libraries.
9. Try to follow an object-oriented methodology with well-chosen variable, function, class
names and comments whenever possible.
Your project will be evaluated in terms of your implementation and your soft copy report.
Evaluation of the implementation (70 pts)
Your program should be compiled on ITU’s Linux Server by the following command:
>g++ main.cpp -o thomassShops
>cat data.txt
6 7
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 2
4 6
6 5
5 3
>g++ main.cpp -o thomassShops
>./thomassShops data.txt
Please note that example output in red is imaginary.
Report of the analysis (30 pts)
1. Present your problem implementation in detail. ( see report.pdf which is attached )
• You may discuss the problem addressed by the project at an abstract level with your classmates,
but you should not share or copy code from your classmates or from the Internet. You should
submit your own, individual project.
• Academic dishonesty including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, collaboration is
unacceptable and subject to disciplinary actions.
• Please submit your project files through Ninova e-Learning System.
• You must submit a .zip file named yourStudentId_p3.zip. There will be two files in the zip.
One is your implementation and one is your report.
◦ all your source code in a single .cpp file named main.cpp You can define multiple classes in
a single .cpp file if you need.
◦ a soft-copy .pdf report named report.pdf
• All your implementation must be in C++, and we must be able to compile and run it on ITU’s
Linux Server (you can access it through SSH) using g++.
◦ For Windows users: If you wish, you can use WinSCP to upload and edit your source code
into ITU SSH Server, and use PuTTY to compile and run your algorithm. If does not, please
make sure that your code is able to be compiled and runned on ITU’s Linux Server.
• Your code HAS TO be compiled successfully. Otherwise you will get a grade of zero for the
assignment, even if you completed your report.
• You should be aware that the Ninova e-Learning System clock may not be synchronized with
your computer, watch, or cell phone. Do not e-mail the teaching assistant or the instructors
about your submission after the Ninova site is closed for submission. If you have submitted to
Ninova once and still want changes in your report, you should do this before the Ninova
submission system closes. Your changes will not be accepted by e-mail. Connectivity problems
in the last minute about the internet or about Ninova are not valid excuses for being unable to
submit. You should not risk your project by leaving its submission to the last minute. After
uploading to Ninova, make sure that your project appears there.
• Start early. If a question is not clear, e-mail the teaching assistant kceng

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