Top 6 Best Ways To Learn Tableau Fast For The Beginners

Best Ways To Learn Tableau

Are you a newbie to Tableau and confused about where to start to learn? Yes, Don’t Worry! You are not alone.

Several Tableau learners need to do tableau assignments and get confused initially but don’t panic; learning Tableau is not difficult. There are various uses and applications of Tableau, like; Data Collaboration, Data Blending, importing extensive data, etc.

Tableau is quite easy and user-friendly. There are several benefits of learning Tableau. However, in this blog, we’ll outline and discuss why we should learn Tableau and the best way to learn Tableau. 

Let’s begin with the overview of Tableau.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization software in the world. It is considered among the best business intelligence software in the world. Nowadays it is a must-have tool for those who deal with a significant amount of data.

It provides the stunning visualization of data to the practitioners and provides some additional features like data mining, cleaning, and calculation. Like any other statistics tools, Tableau also requires some time, effort, and dedication to master.

But there are some ways to learn Tableau at a fast pace. Today, I will share with you some tips that will help you learn Tableau at a fast pace. 

Why Learn Tableau?

Tableau offers senior executives and data scientists a simple and easiest way to dig into big datasets for visualizations and make reports in just a few minutes. Because of this quality, Tableau has become a BI software for presentation, reports, and actionable insights. Moreover, it enables non-technical users to publish interactive data visualization on any topic and create customized dashboards. 

However, let’s discuss why we should learn Tableau?

Easy To Use

Tableau is easy and user-friendly. It enables its users to create tables and graphs in an easy method. With the use of the drag-and-drop feature of Tableau, users can easily do dataset calculations and construct the data visualization by handling large volumes of data.

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Numerous Job Roles

Tableau holds numerous job roles. It is the main reason why I am learning Tableau. The students can pick any job role in Tableau. The jobs that Tableau offers are Tableau Developer, Data Analyst, Software Engineering, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Analyst, etc.

Rewarding Career In Tableau

With the high demand for Tableau professionals, there are huge rewards offered for Tableau professionals. The salary trends for Tableau in the US as well as in India are on the top. The average salary for Tableau professionals is $106,000 (INR 7,96,682) annually. The highest salary noted in this line of business is about $158,000 (INR 11,87,507) annually.

Top Companies Hiring Tableau Professionals

Top companies are hiring Tableau professionals and experts. The following are a few names of the companies that are hiring Tableau experts;

  • Dell
  • Infosys
  • Meta
  • Bank of America
  • Sony Electronics, etc.

Growth of an Individual

The essential reason why we should learn Tableau is that it assists us in improving the career growth of an individual. Students and professionals who are thinking of making their career in Tableau should learn the Tableau. Tableau experts will have a great chance to get opportunities from big MNCs.

Now, let’s discuss about the best way to learn Tableau.

Tips On The Best Ways To Learn Tableau

Align Motivation and Skills

Alignment of your skills set with your motivation is the best to avoid frustration. Let’s dig into how it works. If you have high motivation but a low skill set, you should focus on developing the fundamentals of your Tableau. Usually, people get frustrated in the early days of their tableau course.

The reason is that they are not able to align their motivation with their skill set. First, you have to be sure about the goal of learning Tableau. If you are still finding yourself with low motivation and a low skill set, you will definitely find that this course will help you alter your behavior. Other than that, you can also use the public version of these tools.

It will help you to find out the more skills that are required to learn Tableau. This version is quite helpful to have an experience with Tableau without digging into it so deeply. The skills needed for Tableau is divided into two parts:-

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Low Skills

  • Primary and intermediate knowledge of Excel
  • Basic calculations
  • Graphs and Charts understanding

High Skills

  • Advanced Excel Techniques
  • Relational Data Understanding
  • Statistical Knowledge

Courses to Accelerate Learning

You can choose the best courses from various online platforms as well as from the best universities and colleges.

You can also try the Tableau course of Udemy. It will help you to learn Tableau at a rapid pace. The best part of these courses is that practitioners make all these courses.

It also allows you to complete the steps of the task by step so that you can learn each step deeply. You will also learn a lot of information on advanced techniques, i.e., set theory, forecasting, calculations, animations.

You will also get an excellent instructor that will help you to learn new concepts. In fact, these courses are pocket-friendly, and anyone can afford these courses.

To have a real-world feel, you also get some challenging practical data sets that allow you to solve real-world business problems.

On the other hand, Coursera is also a great online platform to learn tableau. With Coursera, you can have the feel of top university classes. Their quality of education is of high quality and high standards.

Tableau Online Training Videos

Apart from online platforms, you can also have a look at online tableau training videos for free. You can also have your copy of Tableau. In the online training videos, you can quickly find everything needed to create advanced calculation and data visualizations.

These videos are not entirely helpful for beginners, but these sites are quite beneficial for those who want to improve their skills. Beginners can follow the approach given below to take advantage of the online training video.

  • Getting Started
  • Data Connection
  • Dashboards and Stories
  • Maps
  • Calculations
  • Visual Analytics

Dive into the Data

Diving into the data will help you to learn Tableau at a fast pace. For this, you can use large and clean data sets to produce an incredible visualization. Tableau also provides a public gallery where you can find the Tableau workbooks.

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All the data visualization sheets and data extracts are contained by these workbooks. To improve your skills, you can quickly mimic the formulas, filters, and graphs. By using the new dataset, you can look for trends, insights, and relationships.

Visualization Traps

The primary motive of Tableau is to build the fantastic visuals that rival art. Moreover, these platforms are specially designed to communicate data insights through visuals.

Analytics skills are the core skills for Tableau. That’s why you have to develop these skills to learn tableau. To make effective use of Tableau, you should also use charts and diagrams.

Don’t try lots of things at a single time. On the other hand, Tableau also restricts the user from selecting charts that are not in line with visual best practices.

Find Guidance in the Community

There are a number of communities that can help you to learn Tableau more effectively. These communities have huge numbers of data scientists, hobbyists, and visual data artists.

I would like to recommend the Reddit Tableau community and Tableau Online Help. Both of these are excellent resources to learn tableau for the beginner as well as for the professionals.

Pick up a Book

Apart from all the methods given above, there is also an old method to learn Tableau. As we know that some people learn better from books. For them, there are thousands of books available that will help you to learn Tableau.

You just need to find out the latest book on Tableau that allows you to practice your skills on the latest version of tableau.


All these above six best ways to learn tableau will help you to learn Tableau most effectively. We have also discussed the reasons why we should learn Tableau. It holds different great opportunities, and you can make your career in it.

Apart from that, if you are a statistics student, then the global superstore tableau assignment will also assist you to score high marks in statistics and learn Tableau at a fast pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tableau easy to learn?

It is the fastest evolving BI and data visualization tool. Tableau is fast to deploy, easy to learn, and intuitive to use for a customer. Beginners can start to learn Tableau in a structured approach.

Does Tableau require coding?

In Tableau, you do not need to have any programming knowledge. It offers drag and drop functionalities for creating charts and dashboards. Moreover, Tableau users can use Python and R code to improve the visualization and build models.

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