An Absolute Guide on The Uses of SPSS in the World


There are several individuals who are using SPSS (statistical package of the social science) that helps in quantitative data handling. Before the creation of SPSS, researchers needed to run the tests of statistical data sets by hands. But, SPSS helps to automate this process. SPSS does not only grant you to execute statistical tests, but also one can use it for different purposes as well. This blog will help you to understand the uses of SPSS so that you can easily use the SPSS.

What is SPSS and its uses?

SPSS is application software that is used as a statistical analytic tool in the area of social science like competitor analysis, market research, surveys, and much more. SPSS is a flexible and comprehensive statistical data management tool, and it is the most renowned statistics package that can easily perform complex data analyzes and data manipulation with ease. This designed for both non-interactive and interactive users. Before proceeding to the details of the uses of SPSS, let’s check the features, functionalities, and benefits of SPSS.

The features of SPSS

  • It provides you various statistical capabilities.
  • SPSS involves several editing tools and data management systems.
  • It provides excellent reporting, plotting, and data presentation features.
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Functionalities of SPSS

  • Data Examination.
  • General Linear Model.
  • Correlation.
  • ANOVA.
  • Regressions.
  • Cluster analysis.
  • Time series.
  • Graphics and graphical interface.
  • Data Transformations.
  • Descriptive statistics.
  • Reliability tests.
  • T-tests.
  • Factor analysis.
  • Probit analysis.
  • Survival analysis.

Benefits of SPSS

  • Effective data management: It makes the analysis of data quicker and easy as the program of this tool knows the exact locations of the variables and cases. This also reduces the manual workload of the programmers and users up to an extent.
  • Wide range of options: It provides a wide range of charts, graphs, and methods to you. SPSS also has better cleaning and screening options for the data that is used for further analysis.
  • Wide range of storage: The output of the SPSS tool remains separate from the other data. Or we can say that it keeps the data output in separate folders and files.

Uses of SPSS

Data organization and collection

Most of the researchers use SPSS as a data collection tool. In SPSS, the data entry screen seems similar to other spreadsheet software. One can enter data and variables quantitatively further; you can save the files as the data files. Besides this, one can manage their data in SPSS with the help of assigned properties of several variables.

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Let’s take an example of it, one can easily characterize a single variable as a nominal variable, and that particular information can be stored in SPSS. Now, when you access the specific data file in the future that could be in weeks, months, or even in years, then you will able to find that the data will be in the same manner as you have managed it earlier.

Data output

In SPSS, when you collect and enter the data into the datasheet, one can easily generate the output files from the data. Because of this function, data output can be considered to be one of the best uses of SPSS. Let’s take an example of it, and one can generate frequency distributions of the large data to know whether the data set is distributed normally, or not.

The supplied frequency data distribution can be displayed as an output file. In SPSS, you can easily transfer the data from the output files to the research articles that you are writing. Therefore, there is no need to recreate a graph or tables, and you can directly use them from the SPSS’s output data files.

Statistical tests

This is another best uses of SPSS that play an essential role in statistical data testing. It has all the required in-built elements in its software that are used for statistical testing. That is why one does not need to calculate the mathematical equations by their hands. When one executes a statistical test, the desired outputs will be displayed in the required data output files. One can export their data with the help of advanced statistical exportation methods. This method is mostly used for data that is not normally distributed.  

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This blog has mentioned all the necessary details on what is SPSS, its features, functionalities, benefits, and uses of SPSS. As you can see that SPSS is used for various testings and managing the output. Therefore, you can use it as per your accordance so that your work can be performed with ease. This tool also helps to calculate the complicated mathematical problem easily and reduce the workload of the users or programmers. When you know the uses of SPSS, it is quite easy to use the SPSS tool for your work benefits.

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