Marketing assignments help in getting more popular than ever before. The reason is that the marketing industry is gaining new concepts with every passing year as we know that people are using different media to communicate and entertain themselves. That is why marketing is also adding new ideas to expand its reach to customers. Therefore the marketing course is having more exciting topics than ever before. That is why the students are enrolling in marketing and looking for the best marketing assignment help from the experts.

There are two different kinds of things that one needs to know before taking the marketing subject in your academics. The initial thing is your interest in the field of marketing subject. The second thing is related to the skills of quality research and writing them in a limited time. If you have an appropriate answer to this question, then writing a marketing assignment would be easier for you.

There are several students who do not have enough knowledge of marketing, and we are well-versed with this fact. Because of the depth of this subject, it might be difficult to write an assignment with the appropriate details. Therefore, it is necessary to take a reliable marketing assignment help from experts who can provide you the best assignment that is supported by useful statistics and numbers.


Terms used for marketing studies

Marketing Analysis

It is the branch of market analysis subject that is used for study and analysis of the market of a particular company. For instance, a car Jaguar study used for buying trends in a particular area of the clients; this is known as market analysis. The analysis of marketing help in recognizing the weakness, threats (SWOT), strength, and opportunities. One can avail of our help with marketing assignment from our experts.

There are marketing analysis dimensions such as market trend, market size, market growth rate: Market Profitabilities, Marketing Distribution Channels. Being the best international marketing assignment help provider, we provide the best outcome of assignment that helps in your academics.

Market Research Methods

Each company performs market researches to collect data about the targeted clients and market. It is the fundamental and essential element of writing good solutions to market case studies. There are two different methods to perform marketing researches:

  • Market segmentation and market data: Market data helps to predict the supply situation and market demands. On the other side, market segmentation is the brand of the market that deals with the requirement of a particular market segment.
  • SWOT analysis:SWOT is used for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. It is used to stag the business and to prevail in the business’s strengths.
  • 4P's of Marketing: We also cover the 4P's of marketing i.e., Product, Price, place, and promotion. Products are the thing that you are going to sell, and it can be a solid thing or service. The price stands for the value that you are going to take in return for your product or services. The place stands for the location where you want to sell your products and services. And the last thing is the promotion is the method to promote your products or services.
  • 5C's of MarketingWe also cover the 5C's of Marketing. The 5C's involve climate, competitors, company, collaboration, and the customer. Climate stands for the business environment, competitors stand for the other business that is already doing the same business, company stands for the business organization, and the customers stand for the consumers or any other business involved in b2b marketing.

Market Plan

Structuring the market plan is the fundamental step to make sure the success of a particular campaign. Students do not have much confidence to make the market plan by themselves. Besides this, you can take our experts’ help with this. There are various benefits that link to market plans.

Success charts

The correct plan can be essential to make sure the success. To reach an objective is hard if one does not have proper planning. Therefore, one can create a success chart with an appropriate plan.

It holds thinking

Because of market plans, are require thoughts are held and can be used to expand one’s businesses.

Instruction for an organization: It can associate manually with the goods. It is essential to have specific instructions for an organization. Te marketing planning is important in this field also.

Topics covered in our marketing assignment help

Digital Marketing Assignment

Digital marketing assignments are becoming one of the most in-demand marketing assignments from the students. It is based on promoting goods and services via online media such as mobile devices, computers, tablets, and even smart televisions. Digital marketing assignment is also known as internet marketing and online marketing assignment. Our experts cover every single module of digital marketing and help you to get good grades.

Ethical Marketing Assignment

Ethical marketing is the way to promote goods and services to keep ethics in mind. It is one of the most powerful ways of marketing products and services. Most of the companies are using ethical marketing because of their high-quality standard behind the production of the products. We cover everything from the basics to the advanced ethical marketing assignment topic for the students.

Direct Marketing Assignment

Direct marketing is different from traditional and online marketing. In this marketing, the targeted customer is directly in contact with the seller. In direct marketing, the seller uses text messages, emails, and other communication mediums to contact the customers directly. Here at statanalytica, we help the students to solve their direct marketing assignments and help problems.

Relationship Marketing Assignment

Relationship marketing is one of the best marketing for Business. Because it helps the Business to generate potential customers. Relationship marketing assignment includes lots of tough topics that may not be easily understandable by the students. But you need not worry about your relationship assignment help with statanalytica. Our most experienced experts will help you to clear the relationship marketing assignment concepts.

International Marketing Assignment

The international marketing assignment help is based on marketing beyond national boundaries. It is one of the most robust marketing assignments for students. Because they need to study the various marketing norms of different countries. International marketing assignment help involves lots of factors that affect international marketing. We help the students to cover the global business assignment topic and help them to get good grades.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the best way of marketing using social media platforms. There are many social media platforms where the Business can promote their service for free and with paid ads as well. Social media marketing contains many modules; therefore, it becomes overwhelming for the students to work on all these modules. Here at statanalytica, we cover the most advanced social media marketing assignment topic to the students.

Business to Business Marketing

Business to business marketing involves the business environment where the Business deals with another company instead of the consumers. There are various types of Business to the business marketing strategy that depends on the industry. We cover almost every industry business to business marketing assignment help.

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Marketing assignment help provided by us

In this Assignment, you need to select any current product or services with which you are familiar enough. That product will be used to pitch the new integrated marketing communication and marketing mix to a new client. The client would be the person who is the producer and the marker of the product.

Here you need to review the current marketing mix including the communication channels used:-

Part 1

  • It would be best if you created a presentation with 12 slides. The presentation should include the detailed speaker notes that will help work as the script for the presentation. It should include the following things:-
  • Evaluate the existing marketing mix effectiveness i.e., elements of the 4Ps
  • Recommend the new and most effective marketing mix strategy based on any weakness you have discovered in the existing marketing.
  • Next, you need to examine the company's existing positioning strategy.
  • Now decide that the marketing strategy should be changed or not. Determine whether or not to change that strategy.
  • Now identify some of the considerations that can be used to build and maintain the brand and customer loyalty.
  • Next, have an evaluation of the target audience's use of the product and their belief in the distribution channels and the communication channels that you have used.

Part 2

  • You need to create a storyboard print ad, or a radio or video commercial of the product that will feature your new marketing mix. Keep in mind that the video or audio should be 30-60 seconds, and the storyboards should contain 5-8 slides.
  • You can use the app or program for the video recording options such as Movenote®, Knovio®, Presentme®, or another video recording application. You can create the Storyboards with Microsoft® PowerPoint®.
  • Format your presentation within APA guidelines.
  • At last, click on the Assignment Files tab and then submit your Assignment.

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